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Brisbane City Council moves to halt jaywalkers with surveillance cameras

Brisbane City Council is moving to crack down on jaywalkers, installing surveillance cameras to catch pedestrians in the act.

Chris Smith says whenever he raises the issue, public opinion seems to be split.

Some see it as a victimless crime, others are frustrated by the practice and are sick people putting themselves in danger on our roads.

Brisbane City Council is now taking matters into their own hands, installing temporary video cameras at busy intersections to catch people breaking the road rules.

The decision comes after data revealed pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Queensland’s Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing Mike Keating tells Chris Smith the issue is much bigger than just jaywalking.

“This year to date in Queensland, 18 people have died as pedestrians on our roads.

“People are losing their lives because they’re not applying very basic principles to what they’re doing.”

He says the basic message is simple. When the light is red, don’t walk.

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