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Ben Fordham grills ‘political cleanskin’ Brisbane mayor candidate

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Ben Fordham has grilled the Brisbane Lord Mayor Labor candidate on his past after he spent 30 years working as a journalist.

The LNP incumbent Adrian Schrinner is up against Labor’s Patrick Condren for the position of Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane is in charge of a $3.1 billion dollar budget, bigger than the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Ben questions the Labor candidate on his business experience to take up such a portfolio.

Mr Condren admits he is new to politics but is determined to make a difference.

“I am a political cleanskin.

“My knowledge of politics from your side of the microphone is in-depth, but my knowledge on this side, being a politician, is pretty shallow.

“But I’m learning fast and I’m making great strides.”

The Mayoral challenger has been beset by several accusations of inappropriate and downright lewd conduct during his career as a political reporter.

In a quick-fire round of ‘true-or-false’ questioning from Ben, Mr Condren opened up about three of those instances.

“So it’s only Peter Beattie who’s been lucky enough to get a Patrick Condren nipple cripple?”


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