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Ben Fordham goes into bat for little town with special place in his life

Ben Fordham is going in to bat for a small town in NSW that’s being threatened by the proposal of a $600 million wind farm.

The historic village of Nundle, in the New England region, is fighting against a proposal to build 98 wind turbines, spanning 20km between Nundle and Hanging Rock.

Ben Fordham has a special place in his heart for Nundle, having picked up a prized possession in the small town years ago.

“One of my favourite little towns on earth. I picked something up in this town many, many, years ago… it’s the thing I will have until the day I die.”

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Hills of Gold Preservation Inc (HOGPI) Group President John Krsulja tells Ben Fordham the council hasn’t acknowledged their concerns about the proposed development.

“The majority of Nundle oppose it.

“We often feel like we’re David vs Goliath because as soon as you mention $600 million our council’s like ‘yeah, great!’


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