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Australia is the world’s third-largest producer of uranium, so why aren’t we using it?

When weighing up the pro’s and con’s of coal, solar and wind energy, there is always one alternative that seems to get swept under the rug – nuclear energy.

The Minerals Council of Australia will today reinvigorate the debate over nuclear power.

In a pre-budget submission to Scott Morrison, the council is urging the government to take the prospect of nuclear energy seriously.

Mark Levy speaks with Executive Director – Uranium at Minerals Council of Australia Daniel Zavattiero on why aren’t people talking about it.

“Part of the problem is a prohibition was inserted on nuclear power.

“But virtually 20 years down the track we’re now looking at a different set of issues.

“The nuclear industry is changing… there’s a real opportunity. Some of these designs will be coming in over the next five to 10 years and could have real applicability in Australia.”

Mr Zavattiero says the government needs to act on a bill introduced by Cory Bernardi late last year which will lift the prohibition from current acts.

A country rich in uranium, each year Australia exports approximately 7,000 tonnes, but Mr Zavattiero says it shouldn’t be a choice between choosing to export uranium and keeping it on our shores.

“We probably don’t need to make that choice.

“We’ve got the largest resource base in the world. We’re the third-largest producer in the world.

“Nuclear energy is just a proven very emissions source.”

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