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Alan Jones dispels rumours about his contract negotiations

Alan Jones has set the record straight about his highly publicised contract negotiations with Macquarie Media.

After months of media speculation, Alan put pen to paper on a new two-year deal that will commence on July 1st.

He joined Chris Smith in studio to talk about the deal and dispel some of the rumours around the negotiations.

Alan says he was never off speaking terms with anyone at the station, despite some media outlets suggesting otherwise.

“People don’t understand that we’re ships in the night here. You hardly see one another.

“So the argument that so-and-so hasn’t spoken and they haven’t been engaging with other people, hey, that’s the radio station.

“Chris is interviewing me here, he had to charge down three floors to even get hold of me. I don’t see Chris during the day, and that’s the way things operate in a radio station.”

Alan also insists there was never any discussion that his staff would be cut.

“I don’t know where this myth came from… there was never any suggestion to me that something was going to be done to staff.

“But apparently that gained some kind of traction in the media and it was just another one of these silly stories that gained some momentum.”

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