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You’ve got to be kidding, Ray Hadley has a SERIOUS goat problem

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A pesky little goat has caused quite a stir in the Hadley household…

Ray’s youngest daughter bought a little black billy goat earlier in the week and insisted her dad house the creature.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears and Ray said Butter the Goat simply had to go.

“I’m already looking after two pugs that aren’t mine, I’m not going to be responsible for a goat that’s not mine!”

After phoning a mate down the road, Ray secured a new home for the kid.

But the sale didn’t exactly go to plan.

“I picked it up and had to go about 800m to David’s place,” says Ray.

“The goat was bleating and kicking and carrying on [and] my strides started to fall down.

“So here I am, my pants descending towards my knees with a goat under my arm when I yelled out to Sarah, ‘Come and help me!’.”

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