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Youth Off The Streets founder ‘got an email’ about millions of dollars in funding cuts

Youth Off The Streets founder Father Chris Riley says federal funding changes were made “in the stealth of night” and will cost his organisation millions of dollars.

The charity aims to give disadvantaged young people a future; getting them off drugs, off welfare, back into school and into self-sufficient employment.

But the government has changed the funding formula for homeless and disadvantaged children, halving the payment per child.

Youth Off The Streets will lose $1.3 million a year under the new model and has also been ordered to repay $630,000 it was “overpaid” since the changes came into force.

Father Riley tells Alan Jones he’ll meet with the Education Minister today to discuss the new model, which he wasn’t warned about:

“It was done in the stealth of night.

“They came up with a different funding model without any discussion or referring to us at all.

“We just got an email saying this is the case.”

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