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‘You’re talking rubbish!’: Alan takes Education Minister to task over school funding criticism

More than $4 billion will be given to Catholic and Independent schools in a bid to end a damaging funding dispute.

The private school sector has long complained they’ve been left behind by the government’s funding model.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the issue has been resolved, announcing a $4.5-billion cash injection over the next decade.

Education Minister Rob Stokes is criticising the deal, saying he’s not convinced.

But Alan Jones isn’t taking it, calling it “left-wing rubbish”.

“He won’t support the Morrison proposal for the funding of Catholic schools because every student must be treated the same, public and private.

“Rob Stokes, I don’t care how many degrees you’ve got, this is unadulterated rubbish.

“Independent schools which are not fully funded by the taxpayer, they save the government, that is the taxpayers, about $4.2 billion every year.

“Each government school student across Australia, on average, receives about $15,800 in recurrent government funding.

“Students in non-government schools receive about $8500, parents pay the rest.

“Rob Stokes, you’ve got a million degrees, obviously one of them isn’t in maths!

“You’re talking rubbish and I’ll tell you what, you’re reaching the point where people are simply going to say, ‘You’re not up to it… you simply don’t know your own gig’.”

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