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‘You’re on a bloody good wage!’: Pauline Hanson slams Barnaby Joyce

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Pauline Hanson says she has no sympathy whatsoever for Barnaby Joyce after he complained he was struggling to make ends meet on his $211,000 salary.

Mr Joyce has claimed he’s struggling to support his two families in an attempt to explain why he’s calling for an increase to unemployment benefits.

But Senator Hanson says it’s unfair for him to complain when so many Australians are doing it tough on far less money.

“Do I feel sorry for Barnaby Joyce? Not in the slightest.

“It’s his choice to bring more kids into the world. It’s your responsibility, you’re on a bloody good wage, and I just think that he explained it terribly.

“So many Australians are struggling and I don’t wear what he said, not in the slightest.”

But Senator Hanson says she certainly supports an increase to Newstart.

“It cannot be seen as a way of life… to live on $40 a day is ridiculous.”

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