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Young Aussies in drought-ravaged town call for nationwide rain dance

Children in one of the most drought-ravaged regional towns in north-west NSW have organised a nationwide rain dance to lift everyone’s spirits.

Students at a Trangie local public school will stage a rain dance on December 13.

More than 600 schools across Australia have registered to join in to raise awareness of the drought.

St John’s Parish Public School teacher Emma Wilson tells Ben Fordham she never imagined their message would spread so fast.

“The idea came about because we had a few students, that even though they were doing it a little tough, they knew that someone else out there was doing it a little tougher and they wanted to help them out.

“They’re just such beautiful kids… what it really comes down to is how they’re feeling for their parents.

“They’re trying to carry some of that burden and help out their parents as well which just shows how the drought really does have an effect on everyone.”

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