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You’d never guess who’s best at working the barbie…

Barbecuing is part of Australia’s national cuisine.

But you might be surprised to hear when it comes to barbecue championships, Aussies don’t fare so well.

In fact, one of the most successful and popular barbecuers is… an American.

Myron Mixon is a four-time world barbecue champion with more than 180 barbecue grand championship titles and 1,700 barbeque trophies to his name.

He joins Chris Smith in the studio ahead of Yak Ales Barbecue Festival.

“It’s all about flavour profile.

“The three criteria you get judged on is taste, tenderness and appearance.

“I got 12 acres I designed strictly for doing cook classes. I have a lot of Australians come into my class.”

Myron also gives Chris the top tips for the ultimate steak.

Listen to the full interview below 

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