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‘You numbskulls!’: Shopping centre refuses to put up Christmas decorations

Ray Hadley has called out a Sydney shopping centre for refusing to put up Christmas decorations this year.

After an employee alerted him to the fact DFO Homebush has decided to forego Christmas decorations, Ray has slammed the shopping centre for “being offended on behalf of other people”.

Centre management has defended the decision, insisting “DFO is a destination that’s different from many of our other shopping centres” (full statement below).

But Ray says, given the large Muslim population in the area, it’s clear the real reason they’ve made this decision.

“They’ve decided that Muslim shoppers will come into the DFO and be horrified to see nativity scenes and Christmas decorations.

“And herein lies the problem. I can assure you many of my Muslim listeners tell me quite frequently while they celebrate different things, they’re quite happy to embrace Christmas celebrations as well.

“All you’re doing, you numbskulls, is causing Muslim people to be targeted when they don’t need to be targeted. Who are you to make a decision on behalf of Sydney’s Muslim population?”

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Full statement from Michael Quinn, Regional Manager for DFO at Vicinity Centres:

“DFO is a destination that’s different from many of our other shopping centres, which is why we’re not having Christmas decorations at DFO Homebush this year.

“The DFO experience is about giving customers up to 70% their favourite brands all year, not just as we approach the festive season and Boxing Day.

“We have a range of celebrations and events to mark the festive season across our portfolio of 59 Vicinity Centres (65 in total including DFO), and we would encourage our customers to visit their local centre’s website to find out more.”