‘You loser!’: Sun Yang explodes at British swimmer after another protest


Britain’s Duncan Scott has become the second swimmer in less than 48 hours to protest against convicted drug cheat Sun Yang.

After a highly-controversial 200m freestyle final at the FINA World Champions in South Korea – where Danas Rapsys finished first but was then disqualified – Scott picked up a bronze medal and then refused to share the podium with Yang.

The Chinese swimmer wasn’t happy with the protest, confronting Scott after the victory ceremony.

He appeared to shout “you loser, I’m winning!” in the direction of Scott in the fiery aftermath of the medal presentation.

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It comes after Melbourne-born Mack Horton’s refusal to share the podium with Yang on Sunday night following the 400m freestyle final.

Meanwhile, Australia picked up another two medals at the championships overnight as Mitch Larkin (bronze) and Minna Atherton (silver) added to the country’s tally.

Image: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images