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‘You get paid for doing nothing’: Warren Mundine calls for an end to destructive Aboriginal welfare payments

Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine AO has hit out at the pandering to indigenous Australians, saying welfare handouts have got to stop.

Mr Mundine has had enough of politicians failing to address the real issues facing his people.

Speaking with Alan Jones, he says he’s also had enough of Aboriginals whingeing, rather than getting out and achieving for themselves.

“I just find it bizarre that you’ve got all these people complaining.

“Most of them have benefited from programs that help them get into university, help them through high school, help them with home loans, help them with career paths and yet here they are the biggest whingers I’ve ever seen.

“I look at my parents and my grandparents who had to work hard. You look at all the old Aboriginal people in the 1970s. They actually could not believe that you get paid for doing nothing.

“They said this will destroy aboriginal people and guess what, all that welfare payment, all that sitdown money is now destroying Aboriginal communities.”

Mr Mundine reiterated is disgust at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s claims that too many Aboriginal children are being removed from their families.

“The first thing that we should be doing is the protection of the child.

“They talk about ‘oh they lose their culture, they lose their language’. Well, what sort of culture and language are they using while they’re being abused.”

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