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‘You can’t rewrite history’: Anthony Albanese supports keeping statues

Anti-Captain Cook protesters are calling for the removal of his statues from public display.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese told Ben Fordham he’s always been opposed to the idea of moving Captain Cook’s statues.

“My position is very clear… you can’t rewrite history you have to learn from it.

“The idea that you go back to year zero of history is in my view, quite frankly, unacceptable.”

The same anti-racist movement says movies like Gone With the Wind shouldn’t be viewed.

“For goodness sake… a bit of common sense here,” said Mr Albanese.

“People can watch things, they can learn from them, doesn’t mean you agree with them, doesn’t mean that everything that they did was right.

“It happened, you can’t pretend that it didn’t happen.”

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