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‘Worst of the worst’: Chris Smith steps inside one of our most notorious jails

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It’s where some of the nation’s hardest criminals are housed.

But what goes on behind the prison’s walls is a mystery to most of us.

Chris Smith was granted behind-the-scenes access and is now giving listeners an exclusive insight into the workings of the maximum security jail.

The chilling two-part series begins in the prison’s mental health facility, where some of the “worst of the worst” can be found.

‘G ward’ is the only place in Australia where inmates can have medication issued to them against their will.

Prison officers join Chris, lifting the lid on what they’re are up against every day…

This is a story you simply can’t miss.

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In Part 2 of the series, Chris takes a look into the work done by prisoners while they’re behind bars.

The Special Programs Centre is where inmates can volunteer for work.

“This is where work is done, training courses are undertaken and prisoners take the first steps to avoid the revolving door of recidivism,” says Chris.

Some of the work includes producing summer clothing for inmates and baking, but prisoners only paid 52 cents per hour.

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Listen to Part 2 now