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World’s first crowdfunded energy retailer launches in Australia

Australians pay some of the highest power prices in the world.

DC Power Co is the world’s first crowdfunded energy retailer, and they say you can shave hundreds, if not thousands, off your power bill.

The power company is looking to raise $4.75 million for the scheme.

Chris Smith speaks with CEO Nic Frances Gilley and CFO Emma Jenkin.

“Really it’s an idea for people with solar on their roofs,” says Nic.

“Emma’s a solar user, I’m a solar user. We’ve actually had 15 years in the industry and thought it’s about time there was a retailer that really delivered the right kind of service to people who’ve made that investment.”

Emma tells Chris, “We want the solar owners to be able to participate in the business, so crowdsource funding gives us that opportunity.”

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