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Woolworths leaves the elderly waiting in line for little to no stock

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The elderly and those living with a disability have left Woolworths stores empty-handed despite a promise of supplies.

On Monday, Woolworths announced a dedicated shopping hour to help protect the most vulnerable groups in society from panic buying.

Between 7am and 8am, only those with a relevant government-issued concession card will be able to access the supermarket.

But, listeners have flooded the open line telling Alan Jones there were large queues this morning but little to no toilet paper, paper towels or other essentials.

Alan has slammed the supermarket giant.

“You’ve dragged elderly people and disabled people out of their homes and there is no stock!” he says.

“I think it’s very unfair… to completely disappoint and disillusion them.

“If that’s the best the corporate world can do to the elderly people then we are in deep trouble!”

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Managing Director Woolworths Supermarkets Claire Peters has apologised for the inconvenience caused in some stores, telling Deborah Knight changes will be in place tomorrow.

“It would be fair to say things weren’t perfect across all our stores.

“However this wasn’t across the board, we have had a lot of positive feedback as well.”

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Woolworth’s replenishment manager Paul Harker tells Alan Jones they are working with their suppliers to get products on the shelves.

“We’re trying to do something different. We have unprecedented demand across our network.

“We’re really sorry that we’ve impacted people this way.”

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Full statement from Managing Director Woolworths Supermarkets Claire Peters:

“It’s day one of our dedicated shopping hour and we know it wasn’t perfect across all of our stores.

“While we have received positive feedback from many stores across the country, we regret that many customers were unable to get all the items they needed this morning.

“We’re doing the very best we can to get more stock into our stores and onto shelves as quickly as possible in the face of unprecedented demand.

“We’ll continue to operate the dedicated hour for the rest of the week – taking on the lessons of today and getting better along the way.”


Image: Getty/Peter Parks