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Woolworths boss apologises as elderly again met with no stock

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci has apologised after the elderly were left waiting on empty stores for the second day in a row.

On Monday, Woolworths announced a dedicated shopping hour to help protect the most vulnerable groups in society from panic buying.

Between 7am and 8am, only those with a relevant government-issued concession card will be able to access the supermarket.

On Tuesday listeners flooded the open line, telling Alan Jones there were large queues but found little to no toilet paper, paper towels or other essentials.

Today, callers say they were again met with empty stores.

Listener Mike says he got up bright and early to travel to the Woolloomooloo store to be met with disappointment.

“It was an absolute free for all in there… there was not a thing on the shelves!

“There’s not a tray of meat in the entire place!”

Woolworths has now issued a statement, limiting every customer to only buying two of any given item, excluding fruits and vegetables.

Mr Banducci assures Alan Jones he will work on fixing the issue of supply.

“We haven’t executed it properly, I apologise.

“The sheer surge in the demand that we have seen is unparalleled.

“We’re essentially looking at the situation where we have double the demand.”

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