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‘Winning without counting the costs’: Cricket Australia hit with scathing review

An independent review has delivered a scathing assessment of Cricket Australia’s culture, pointing to a “winning without counting the costs” mentality.

The report was handed down today, seven months after the ball-tampering scandal rocked the nation.

Cricket Australia was found to have embraced a “winning without counting the costs” ethos and the sport’s administrators were as much to blame for the saga in South Africa earlier this year.

In March, Steve Smith and David Warner were slapped with 12-month suspensions for their role in the misconduct, while Cameron Bancroft received a nine-month penalty.

Former Australian Test cricketer Ian Chappell tells Chris Smith “it’s a joke” if the responsibility for the ball-tampering embarrassment is placed on the shoulders of three players.

“The players are going to be cranky I would think… if it’s just those three who get it in the neck.

“In the history of the game, it’s the administrators, generally, who make the mistakes and the players pay for it.

“If administrators were subject to the same regulations as players, i.e. they were selected on form, you wouldn’t have an administrator in the game.”

Chappell, who is now a member of the Macquarie Sports Radio cricket commentary team, says Cricket Australia now has some ground to make up with their players.

The independent review has made 42 recommendations, including changes to the code of conduct.

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A separate player review was also conducted and has seen the creation of a new pact, with players promoing to respect the game’s traditions.

Australian Vice-Captain Josh Hazelwood says players will try and win back the support of their fans.

“We’ve got one of the best jobs in the world. One of our big things now, moving forward, is making Australians proud again.”