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Will Melbourne lose hosting rights for the AFL Grand Final?

With Melbourne experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases, the fierce rivalry over hosting rights for the AFL Grand Final is heating up.

Collingwood legend and 3AW commentator Tony Shaw told Mark Levy he’s “jumping the gun” by suggesting a Sydney grand final is a certainty.

“I’m a traditionalist: 2 o’clock, MCG, the home of football.

“Everybody else from any other state can go jump, that’s what I reckon.”

Despite the banter, Tony acknowledged a crowdless grand final “can’t happen”.

“If we can get 50,000 in NSW, or 60 or 80 even in Perth … I’ve got no worries just for this year.

“It’s a different atmosphere, it’s a different time … we don’t know where it’s going to go.”

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