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Why don’t we have more women in politics?

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This week has seen the Liberal party engage in public discussions about women in politics.

It comes after Assistant Ministers Sarah Henderson and Linda Reynolds, spoke out against claims the Coalition is “anti-women”. But in response, a number of Senior female MP’s, including Sussan Ley, called on the party to introduce quotas.

While others, such as Foreign Minister Marise Payne, have said quotas aren’t the solution, they’ve acknowledged there is a problem with female representation.

“I don’t support or oppose quotas but I do know that as an organisation there is more that we can do” she said.

The Liberal Party set a target of 50% women MP’s by 2016, but numbers have since gone backwards.

As the daughter of Senator Jim Molan, Erin’s seen first hand how tough the job can be. says it’s changing, albeit slowly, but quotas aren’t the answer.

“Even 5 years ago, I remember looking at [politics] as something I’d genuinely like to do post-media…I’m passionate about a lot of charities, about Australia…[but] I look at the other side of it that’s nasty and vile…”

Harnsle, the program’s Executive Producer, weighs in on the debate a well. Prior to working at 2GB, she worked in a NSW Minister’s office.

“Too many people, I think, treat it as a numbers game…that’s just not something I could do”.

Erin and Harnsle both agree, that women are too smart to get involved in Politics.