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Why Chris Smith is backing a tax on sugar

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It’s taken eight years, but Ireland has finally got a tax on sugar over the line.

An increase in the cost of sugary drinks will now apply, with prices rising by 16-30 cents depending on the sugar level in the product.

Chris is convinced Australia needs to accept a tax on sugar, saying the government is lagging behind as the rest of the world acts.

“They have no obesity program, no understanding of the science of sugary drinks and no intention, at this stage, to introduce a sugar tax.

“Meanwhile, as of today, 29 countries in the world are doing their best to help this current younger generation beat diabetes.”

Manufacturers hit by the price hike in Ireland and the UK have now started altering their recipes to comply more with regulations.

“I would have thought consuming one teaspoon of sugar as opposed to 10 may be a small gesture but it could also save an entire generation.”

One listener Jim weighed in on the issue, telling Chris his addiction to Coca-Cola was so bad he’d drink three litres of the product daily.

“Soft drinks in a can, absolute poison for human consumption,” Jim says.

He was eventually hospitalised in excruciating pain, with doctors revealing he had the “pancreas of an alcoholic”.

Now, Jim’s given up soft drinks and must be strict on his diet for life.

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