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‘When are we going to look after our own’: Veteran breaks down on-air

Steve Price

Steve Price has launched an emotional plea for the government “to start caring” about our veterans.

A 930-page document Productivity Commission report was tabled in parliament yesterday, saying the Department of Veteran Affairs “requires fundamental reform”.

It described the $13.2-billion system as “overly complex, difficult to navigate, inequitable, and poorly administered” and said it’s “not working in the best interest of veterans and their families, or the Australian community”.

Steve Price has recently interviewed several veterans about their struggles since leaving the Defence Force and says it’s time for the government to act.

“It’s a very emotional issue and I get very emotional about it,” Steve says.

“If Scott Morrison really cares about the silent Australians he ought to start caring about the veterans of his own country.

“They’re the real silent Australians.

“You get these young guys, you make them go in the army, you send them off to fight overseas and when they came back you abandon them.

“The Prime Minister needs to drag [Veterans Minister] Darren Chester into his office this morning by the ear and say, ‘listen, this 930-page report says the system’s busted, do something about it’.”

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The issue prompted veteran Graham to call the program with a tearful message.

“We’re losing too many vets mate. My eyes are bloody teared up now.

“What amazes me Steve is we’ve got vets sleeping on the street and we’re throwing money and opening our gates.

“When are we going to look after our own Steve!”

He also had a shot at Minister for Veterans Darren Chester saying, “he needs a big kick up the bum”.

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