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Wheels in motion to make single file cycling compulsory

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A petition calling for cyclists to ride in single file when traveling in groups has now amassed nearly 100,000 signatures.

The petition is also calling for cyclists to be banned from roads where the speed limit is over 80km/h unless there are specific cycle lanes.

Chris Smith says he’s all for the push and would even take it further.

“I’d even go a step further and say not only should they be banned from roads that have a speed limit of… more than 60km/h.

“They should be banned from cycling on roadways with multiple lanes as well.”

Although both motorists and cyclists can be “inconsiderate” on the roads, Chris says there’s clearly one party in much more danger.

Particularly, when they’re chatting and trying to cycle at the same time.

“It’s ridiculous when you’re taking about 2,400kg of steel up against a person on what can basically be called a moving stool.”

Chris isn’t the only one backing the change. You hit the open line in force to agree.

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