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What the Coalition’s latest Newspoll loss says about the next election

The government has now clocked its 31st consecutive Newspoll loss but some are hailing it a victory.

The Coalition has narrowed the two-party preferred gap and is now only two points behind Labor.

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean says coming off such a low base, at some point, the picture was going to improve.

“He was obviously hoping it would happen before that 30th Newspoll,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“It’s a shame in one way because I think there are certain things the Coalition government could be doing which would guarantee them winning the next election.

“It is a bit of a shame that they have to rely on Shorten to lose the next election for them to win it.”

Rowan also commented on Barnaby Joyce’s call to relieve bans on politicians working with their partners, saying he can see the logic in it.

“What is important here is not our moral judgment of whether the politician should be allowed to or shouldn’t be allowed to.

“It’s what gives the taxpayer the best bang for their buck.”

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