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What does the resignation of Jim Mattis mean for Australia?

It’s been a big week in politics, particularly on the international stage.

US President Donald Trump announced this week that ISIS had been “defeated” in Syria, and he would begin withdrawing troops on the ground.

As one of the US’ closest allies, the world’s eyes have been keenly watching whether Australia follows. But, the government has said the threat of ISIS is alive, and our troops will not be withdrawing anytime soon.

Senator Jim Molan lead Australian troops in the Middle East, and has worked closely with the US. He says this move has been the result of the US’ frustration.

“[Allies] have left the hard yards every single time to the Americans”.

But, he’s been critical of the withdrawal. He also warns the President’s tweet could actually make the situation in the Middle East even more dangerous.

Not long after President Trump’s announcement, Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis handed in his resignation, sending shock waves throughout the international community.

“Everyone knew he was going to go at some stage…but in the resignation letter…he said [it was] about the US’ attitude towards allies.”