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‘We’re simply not coping’: Andrew Bolt weighs in on One Nation push for immigration plebiscite

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is renewing a push for a plebiscite on Australia’s immigration rate, saying voters are entitled to have their say on the issue.

Senator Hanson wants the vote held at the same time as the next federal election, telling The Australian an official plebiscite would be favourable over a postal vote.

Andrew Bolt says he’s not usually for plebiscites on matters like these but our growing immigration levels may be an exception.

“Normally, I’d say no to this. But what I find amazing is, this is a really big problem.

“We’re simply not coping… you see it in social dislocation, you see it in crowded cities.”

Andrew tells Deborah Knight he’s astounded neither the Labor Party or the Coalition has listened to the Australian people, who clearly want action.

“You see also the polls show that Australians are concerned about this.

“What I find amazing is, neither of the big parties will address this. They run away from it.”

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When it comes to Bill Shorten’s call to slash tax concessions to small and medium businesses, Andrew says the Opposition leader made a “terrible mistake”.

But Andrew isn’t buying word the Labor leader is in leadership strife, telling Deborah the polls say otherwise.

“So far it’s 21 months leading Labor ahead of the Liberals in the polls. That’s astonishing.

“I would wonder why the Labor Party thinks it’s on a losing streak when so far it seems that Shorten has had the answers.”