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‘We’re going to win this battle’: Alan Jones

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Alan Jones insists he will not stop speaking up on behalf of the drought-stricken farmers.

Earlier this week, the government announced an extra billion dollars to invest in clean energy.

But Alan says it’s those being torn apart by the drought who need it most.

“You can only beg so many times. I’m begging.

“The government do not understand.

“We’re not going to get compassion fatigue on this program, I can tell you, we’re going to win this battle, we have to do something. But, time is running out.”

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Trainer Chris Waller tells Alan he admires his fight.

“I just want to say, well done for what you’re doing and bringing awareness to these poor farmers.

“That’s where I came from, I had to make the choice of being a dairy farmer or working with horses and I chose horses and I’m very lucky I did.”

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Image: Getty/Vicki Smith