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‘We’re being treated very, very well’: Aussie couple quarantined in Darwin

Sydney couple, Vicki Presland and Chris Peck, are in quarantine in Darwin after they were flown out from the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan.

The pair are in high spirits after arriving back in Australia last week. Vicki says, “Things are quite good here in Darwin, we’re being treated very, very well.”

The couple were part of more than 200 Australians stuck on the cruise ship in Japan for 30 days amid coronavirus outbreak.

The facilities are comfortable and Chris jokes about the cabins being single occupancy, “I think she’s rather enjoying being away from me.” 

Thank you spelled out in stones

Vicki and Chris showing their gratitude to the people working at the quarantine site.

Their health is checked every morning and things are looking positive for the Darwin evacuees. Chris says, “We’ve been zero counts coming up to… five days.”

They aren’t planning another cruise at this point, and Chris says, “I reckon I’ll be lucky to get her on a Manly Ferry.”

The couple are hopeful that they’ll be free to return home with a clean bill of health on March 4.

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