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‘We never said that Steve’: Energy Minister put on the spot over energy price promise

The government is adamant they have kept an election promise to bring down energy costs, despite wholesale power prices skyrocketing.

It’s also been revealed many elderly Australians can’t afford to heat their homes, with an increasing number being admitted to hospital for cold-related problems.

The Energy Minister is insisting he has brought down electricity prices when the government introduced a price cap for standing offers this week.

But only 15 per cent of customers are on a standing offer. Everyone else, he says, has already negotiated a better price with their electricity company.

Steve Price grilled Energy Minister Angus Taylor, demanding to know why energy prices aren’t going down when the Coalition promised they would.

Angus Taylor: “If you ring up and ask for a better price, you should be able to get one. There’s lots of ways of doing that.”

Steve Price: “But you told us you’d do that!”

Angus Taylor: “Well, no, we never said that, Steve.”

Steve Price: “You were painted as the minister for bringing down electricity prices by your own Prime Minister!”

Angus Taylor: “Yeah absolutely, and you will see standing offers reduced from the 1st of July.”

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