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‘We need more bullets’: Heartbroken farmer describes complete and utter devastation

Drought-ravaged graziers in Queensland could lose half their herds after a once-in-a-100 year monsoon dumped three years worth of rain in 10 days.

Flood waters are swamping properties from Mount Isa to Charters Towers and south to Longreach.

Stock that were fighting starvation are now suffering pneumonia from standing in the wet, windy conditions.

Jill Richardson lives in Victoria but is from Cloncurry and tells Alan Jones of the complete and utter devastation her family is facing.

“The daunting moment was when the chopper pilot runs in with tears in his eyes and says, ‘we need more bullets’, you know we’re in trouble.

“A friend of ours, they’ve lost 5000 weaners [8 to 10-month-old cows], they literally can’t find them.

“We just found a hundred cows dead on the ridge. All the calves are dead.

“The ones that are alive we have to shoot because when they find these islands, the dirt just turns to soup and they just literally just drown.

“They haven’t seen a live kangaroo. When the choppers go out everything is dead. Everything!”

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Alan has spoken off-air with the Prime Minister, who is very unwell at the moment.

Scott Morrison has ordered urgent meetings with key agencies to help deal with the emerging crisis in North Queensland.

“This is far, far worse than your imagination allows you to think,” says Alan.

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Assistant Home Affairs Minister Linda Reynolds is on the ground in Townsville and will report directly back to the PM.

Senator Reynolds tells Alan Jones she’s been “utterly shocked” with what she’s hearing and seeing.

“It’s absolutely tragic.

“I’ve come back to Townsville for the next few days to make sure all of the Commonwealth assistance is delivered as fast as humanly possible.”

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