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‘We felt marvelous’: Bob Hawke’s widow shares intimate account of his death

Blanche d’Alpuget, widow of late former prime minister Bob Hawke, has shared an intimate and spiritual account of his final moments.

Just nine months on from her husband’s passing Ms d’Alpuget was diagnosed with breast cancer, yet she sees “blessings” even in the toughest times.

“He had a very good death,” she told Deborah Knight.

“There were two really close friends [there], and as he died, you might not believe this, but … the three of us all felt this wonderful, divine uplift of our spirits.

“We felt marvellous, elated, and happy for him: he looked so beautiful and peaceful.”

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Ms d’Alpuget’s latest novel ‘The Cubs Roar’, the fifth and final installment of her critically acclaimed Birth of the Plantagenets series, is now available in bookstores.


Image: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images