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‘We don’t want you here’: Terrorists to lose Australian citizenship under new laws

Dual-­nationals will have their Australian citizenship cancelled if convicted of terrorism offences under proposed new laws.

The government’s Citizenship Cessation Bill is due to be passed with support of the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security.

The new laws will apply to dual-nationals sentenced to a terrorist offence in Australia, carrying a penalty of at least three years imprisonment, or those who have fought for a terrorist group internationally.

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton told Ray Hadley the pandemic hasn’t impacted the response to national security issues and is pleased “this law is a reality”.

“We do have real concern about people in the community.

“If you’ve acted out; if you’ve betrayed your country; or you’ve got an intent to cause a mass casualty event in our country, then, frankly, we don’t want you here.”

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