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‘We all know what happened at Circular Quay’: Flights still arriving in the Whitsundays

A flight from Sydney has arrived in the Whitsundays, less than a day after the Queensland border closed to interstate travellers.

Whitsundays MP Jason Costigan says his constituents are worried that Sydneysiders may be bringing COVID-19 back to their community.

“We all know what happened at Circular Quay last week,” he tells Ben Fordham, referring to the Ruby Princess cruise ship’s arrival.

“In fact, I’ve got constituents who were on that boat, and they’ve found their way back home to Airlie Beach.”

“But hang on, Sydney would say we want to keep it out of Sydney, so therefore you should be banned from flying to Sydney,” Ben hit back.

“Well, I’ve got no problem with that,” Mr Costigan responded.

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