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WATCH | QLD police helicopter targets Palm Beach rooftop

Three young men have been fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions on the Gold Coast after being spotted by a police helicopter.

The 19, 20, and 21-year-old were illegally drinking and socialising on the rooftop of the Jefferson Lane construction site, and have since been charged with trespassing and drug offences in addition to their $1334 fine.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told Ben Fordham police investigated after receiving several reports of illegal entering.

“It was a set of units under construction, which raises a few issues – it’s an unsafe place to be, at the start.”

Mr Wheeler dismissed accusations of heavy-handedness, leveled at police by commentators after the rooftop raid.

“This is about keeping the community safe, it’s about stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Queensland.

“It’s also about [protecting] people who’ve got businesses and premises that are not attended, that we … get around as much as we can to make sure those venues are secure.”

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Image: Queensland Police