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WATCH | Police release confronting video of 12yo boy hit by car

Macquarie National News

Police have released shocking footage of a boy being hit by a car as a reminder for everybody to be careful on the roads.

The 12-year-old was on his way home from school on March 21 when the incident took place.

Dashcam footage from a parked car shows the boy running across Palisade Crescent at Bonnyrigg when he’s hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Both of his legs go up above his head, his shoes come flying off and he’s thrown about five metres down the road.

Miraculously, the 12-year-old escaped major injury and was immediately helped by shocked bystanders.

He was taken to Liverpool Hospital as a precaution and treated for minor abrasions, before being released.

The female driver wasn’t speeding and wasn’t hurt in the incident.

Police have released the confronting footage in a bid to remind everybody to be alert on the roads.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy says, “this young boy is lucky to be alive”.

“If vision like this isn’t enough to encourage people to slow down and drive safely, I don’t know what is,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

“It’s a timely reminder to all drivers and pedestrians to take extra care on our roads. There should be no unnecessary distractions when getting behind the wheel or crossing the road.

“You never know when the conditions may change or the unexpected may occur – and you can’t expect children to be predictable.”

Macquarie National News