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‘Watch out!’: Notorious fraudster Matthew Murdoch Mills up to his old tricks

Ray Hadley is warning his listeners to be wary of notorious conman Matthew Murdoch Mills, who’s up to his old tricks again in the Lake Macquarie region.

Ray has made it his life’s work to make sure the serial fraudster isn’t allowed to continue scamming innocent people.

In 2010 Mills tried to take out an AVO against Ray, fraudulently claiming he harassed and intimidated him.

Murdoch Mills was found to have lied in court and still owes Ray in excess of $100,000 in legal costs, which have never been paid.

Last time Ray checked in with the fraudster, he’d been making life hell for an innocent woman at Ellebanna.

He reportedly moved in with the 59-year-old around November, then allegedly changed the locks and left her locked out of her own property.

Now, Ray’s received an email from Jack from Lake Macquarie, who says he encountered Mills 10 days ago under his alias ‘Dr Charlie J. McPherson’.

‘Dr McPherson’ expressed interest in renting Jack’s property at Charlestown, claiming he was from an organisation called Charlie’s Angels, which works with autistic children.

But, smelling a rat, Jack and his wife decided to Google his name and came across Ray’s stories about the notorious conman.

Ray is now warning his listeners in the Lake Macquarie region to be very wary.

“He could be coming to 4BC territory.

“Watch out, watch out! He’s moving north.”

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