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Hundreds of deadly spiders hatch in ‘creepy’ video

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Hundreds of deadly Funnel-web spiders have crawled out of an egg sac at the Australian Reptile Park.

This video will make your skin crawl.

The egg sac is the first to be bred in captivity at the park and the spiders will be raised to contribute to a life-saving antivenom program.

Funnel-web spiders at the park are milked annually for their venom.

There are 10 more egg sacs in the park.

Head of Spiders at The Australian Reptile Park Kane Christensen tells Ben Fordham the venomous spider is most common from November to March.

He is encouraging people to catch the spiders and send them to the reptile park.

“Funnel-webs are very limited, they can’t jump and they can’t climb smooth surfaces.

“So a nice sturdy peanut butter jar, put it over the top collect it up and take it to a local drop off point.”

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