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WATCH | How Rachel Griffiths’ directorial debut became the top Aussie film of 2019

Beloved Australian actress Rachel Griffiths has joined Mark Levy in-studio to discuss the success of her movie Ride Like a Girl.

The Aussie film follows the journey of Michelle Payne, who in 2015 became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

The story resonated strongly with audiences, becoming the highest-grossing Australian movie of 2019.

In her directorial debut, Rachel Griffiths says it was important to her that the story was inclusive of Michelle’s brother Stevie, who has Down syndrome and plays himself in the movie.

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She says her goal was to make a story “about people from the bush that would resonate for people who live regional lives”.

“Not a lot of the films we make here in Australia are speaking to those lived experiences.

“When I say I wanted to make men cry, I wanted men to walk in a girl’s shoes with a dream, to really experience what obstacles were in her way.”

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Ride Like a Girl is now available on DVD and on all digital platforms