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WATCH | Check out this VERY expensive crash — who’s in the wrong?

Footage of a very, very expensive crash has people asking the question… who is at fault?

A white Ferrari can be seen getting wedged in between two vehicles in Sydney’s south-west.

Was the sports car driving too fast? Or did the dark Toyota SUV merge lanes without enough care?

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Road safety expert Ian Luff has weighed-in on the debate, telling Ben Fordham the Toyota SUV is in the wrong.

“Gee, you’ve thrown a curveball this time,” he says, admitting it’s a complex situation.

“The Toyota SUV was travelling way too close, didn’t have enough time, only indicated once to move into that centre lane. Which I would say is changing lanes with undue care.”

Ben doesn’t necessarily agree, telling the Drive to Survive founder he’s “letting the sports car off lightly”.

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But NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Chief Inspector Phil Brooks says the sports car is clearly in the wrong.

“It’s a clear case of negligent driving… it’s quite obvious he’s going too fast.

“To squeeze in between two vehicles to my mind is inexcusable.”

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