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WATCH | Alan Jones tries his hand at whip cracking

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Alan Jones is known for ‘cracking the whip’ in his radio studio but can he do it for real?

The broadcaster has taken his program to the bush this week, highlighting the impact drought is having on our regional communities.

Alan paid a visit to Dubbo store Saddler & Co to check out their incredible, hand-crafted leather products and found himself having a go at whip cracking.

Alan showed off his country roots, proving himself to be more than capable with a whip in hand.

When asked where he learnt how to crack a whip, you can hear Alan’s producer Dan Mullins say he gets plenty of practice around the office.

Alan invited Saddler & Co’s owner, Bede Aldridge, onto the program for a chat.

He says Bede is an artist and that his store belongs in Noosa or Mosman or even Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

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