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Most bizarre press conference in parliamentary history?

Macquarie National News

Because it was certainly one of the longest.

The conference, given by Russian Ambassador to Australia Grigory Logvinov, lasted one hour.

Macquarie Radio’s Federal Parliament reporter Laura Parr says, “it was a completely bizarre press conference”.

Not only did Logvinov say Russia had nothing to do the poisoning of former spies, but he went on to question whether anyone in Britain was harmed by a nerve agent at all.

“It did get quite heated, he was clearly very defensive, you could see from his body language,” Laura tells Chris Smith.

The Russian Ambassador also accused the US and UK of fake news, saying they started a diplomatic war.

“If the West would follow this line, I’m afraid we’ll be deeply in a cold-war situation,” he said.

Australia is one of more than two-dozen countries to expel Russian officials over the poisoning incident.

The two officials have six days to leave Australia.

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Macquarie National News