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Warren Mundine: Only a ‘small minority’ raise changing the date of Australia Day ‘all the time’

Mark Levy

Indigenous leader Warren Mundine says most Aboriginal communities have higher priorities than protesting the date of Australia Day.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has floated the idea of introducing a special day to honour Indigenous Australians.

But he says he doesn’t want to change the date of Australia Day from January 26th.

Indigenous leader Warren Mundine says only “small minority” of people make a whole lot of noise about changing the date of Australia Day all the time.

He tells Mark Levy this year he was up in the eastern Kimberley on January 26 working with Aboriginal communities and for them the date of our national day was a “non-event”.

“All they want to do is get a job, get people educated, get their kids to school and build a business,” he says.

“It’s only a small minority of leadership out there… who bring these things up all the time.

“We’re very proud Australians, we’re very proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and we think Australia’s a great place.”

The prominent Indigenous leader says Australia Day should be about all of us coming together.

“We should be all together, there’s no doubt about that. We should be celebrating Australia.”

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When it comes to the Prime Minister’s idea of introducing a special day to recognise Indigenous culture, Mr Mundine says Aboriginal communities need to be consulted.

“He’s put it out there, talking about a national Indigenous day where we celebrate Australia’s 60,000 years of history.

“As long as this stuff brings us together as a nation, that’s the most important part.

“It would be great to celebrate Indigenous culture just like we celebrate Italians and Greeks and everyone else in this country.

“But now he needs to talk to the Aboriginal leaders out there and talk to the Aboriginal community¬†about this idea and then take it from there.”