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Video game addictions : It’s not just kids who are affected

Video game addictions… it’s a real condition.

Nearly 70 per cent of Australians play video games, and globally, it’s become a serious issue.

So much so, the World Health Organisation has officially declared it a diagnosable condition.

And while there’s still debate around what constitutes a game addiction, Erin and John spoke with two people with personal experience.

Britta Hodge is the mother of Logan, who’s addicted to video games.

She says Logan started spending up to 16 hours a day playing these games, rarely leaving his room.

Cam Adair, an adult, also sought help for the same condition.

Cam’s now decided to help others through his site Game Quitters.

The site helps over 50,000 people around the world to deal with their addiction every month.

And surprisingly, he tells Erin and John the biggest growth in addiction is in retirees.