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Victims of texting and driving have their last texts shared in dramatic road safety campaign

We’ve all been guilty of using our phones illegally when driving and the latest figures show mobile phone distraction is a real problem.

In NSW alone, 39,000 people were charged last year for using their phone while driving.

25 to 34-year-olds are the worst offenders with 13,790 people charged last year.

The latest initiative, ‘Don’t Text and Drive’, headed by Ray Hadley, features the final text messages typed by victims, in the moments before they crashed.

The campaign could be rolled out in Queensland early next year.

In 2012, Brooke Richardson sent a message to a client while she was on her way to work which ultimately led to her death.

Brooke’s mother Vicki has told Hadley she hopes sharing the ordinary messages will educate drivers on the consequences.

“It just needs to get out. We really need to talk about it.

“In the past, it’s always been speeding and drink-driving messages. But this is a new situation in our society and I think we really need to talk about it.”

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