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‘Very savage situation’: Qantas to cut 20 per cent of workforce

Peta Credlin & Clinton Maynard

Qantas is set to sack at least 6000 of its 29,000 employees as part of a three-year plan to deal with the COVID-19 fallout.

Cabin and ground crew, and staff at the airline’s Sydney head office are among those who will be laid off as part of the cost-cutting measure.

Around 15,000 employees will remain stood down from duties until flying returns.

The airline will ground at least 100 planes for up to a year.

Airline Ratings Editor-in-Chief Geoffery Thomas told Peta Credlin and Clinton Maynard it was a necessary step.

“I don’t believe the federal government is doing enough to support the airline industry.

“Are we devastating one of the world’s great airlines and when we’re over this COVID-19, what sort of an airline will we have as our national carrier?

“It’s obviously a very savage situation for the Qantas staff who are bearing the brunt of this.”

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Peta Credlin & Clinton Maynard