Trump baby blimp launched at G20 as US President cancels meetings with Russia


The US President has abruptly cancelled a series of one-on-one meetings with world leaders at the G20 Summit, including talks with Vladimir Putin.

President Donald Trump announced the decision via social media, saying he will no longer hold a bilateral meeting with the Russian President.

The change of heart came an hour after he said he would “probably” meet Mr Putin.

President Trump has cited Russia’s recent aggression towards Ukraine as the reason, saying he’s happy to hold meaningful talks once Russia releases 24 Ukrainian sailors its been holding captive since Sunday.

President Trump has also cancelled scheduled meetings with Turkey and South Korea. Australia has also missed out on formal talks with the US.

Macquarie National News Political Editor Michael Pachi is in Buenos Aires for the summit.

Local police have shut down roads as protestors begin to build in numbers.

One group has launched the now famous ‘Trump Baby Blimp’ in the streets.