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Troy Cassar-Daley beats Ray to the punch to become an ‘honorary Queenslander’

Australian country musician Troy Cassar-Daley is set to return with a slate of new music next year after signing with Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Troy told Ray Hadley Sony Music boss Denis Handlin welcomed him back to the family with open arms.

“It sounds like a Godfather movie to me,” he laughed.

Ray said the Sony music boss must be glad to have his “number one Queenslander” back.

Troy was quick to point out he’s a New South Welshman by birth, despite having lived in Queensland for 30 years.

“Well you see, that’s why you’re a Queenslander, because I’ve only owned property at Main Beach for 18 years,” Ray responded.

“They tell me I’ve got to get another 12 years – if I live that long – before I can be an honorary Queenslander!

“You have earned your stripes: you’re a Queenslander through and through.”

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