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‘Triumph of misinformation’: Professor slams Great Barrier Reef ‘hoax’

Legislation aimed at protecting the Great Barrier Reef could be delayed as concerns are raised about the impact on farmers.

Professor Peter Ridd – who’s seeking compensation after being unlawfully sacked for challenging James Cook University’s climate change science – says claims the reef is damaged is “misinformation”.

And it seems as if the Queensland government is listening, choosing to hold off on water quality legislation that would target the agriculture industry.

Professor Ridd tells Alan Jones “it’s an incredible situation”.

“If you go to the Great Barrier Reef proper, which is 40 to 100 kilometres offshore, there just is no mud out there.

“Even the Australian Institute of Marine Science is agreeing with me… 99 per cent of the coral, they’re agreeing, is not affected by farmers.

“You just need to go to the reef and the idea that this thing is damaged is one of the triumphs of misinformation.”

Alan Jones says a better word to describe the claims is “hoax”.

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